Toledo man's home serves as base for a Wolverine family

Toledo man's home serves as base for a Wolverine family

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Defensive end Chase Winovich was named National Athlete of the Week. Winovich is a rising star of the Wolverine defense.

Winovich's brother lives in the Toledo-area and continues to look up to him.

"[He's been] Coming up to northwest Ohio since he was eight years old for my football games," Chase's older brother Peter said.

The Winovich family is from Pittsburg. Peter played for BGSU, where he met his wife and settled in Toledo.

As the Winovich's once saw Peter play football at BGSU, they now stop in Toledo before heading to Ann Arbor to see Chase play for the Wolverines.

"He has to pass through Toledo on his way up to Ann Arbor every time he heads home and comes back," Peter said. "It's been really nice having him so close."

"It's a great thing to have family all that close," Chase said. "It's pivotal in fact. If he didn't live in Toledo I don't know if I would have came here in the first place."

Chase was a highly touted recruit, who considered Michigan, Pitt and Ohio State.

"He grew up a very big Ohio State fan," Peter said. "I didn't want him to have his decision based on the fact that we were so close in proximity to Michigan."

Chase ultimately chose the maize and blue, shedding his childhood fandom.

"I'm a Wolverine all the way now," Chase said. "And I'm looking to find a way, like I said earlier, to win this football game and help in any way possible."

Now, Peter and his wife Kristen welcome Winovich's entire family in Toledo before they cheer on their favorite Wolverine..

His family... now all Wolverine fans... will make their way West to watch Chase play in his senior game against his childhood team.

"Kind of like a staging point for all of my family coming up here and to the games," Chase said.

Fall weekends at the Winovich house are hectic. But Peter and his wife wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's very humbling that we have so many people that care about us and want to be here for those moments," Kristen Winovich said.

After the game, Chase heads to Toledo to see family and get much deserved rest at his brother's house.

"Our two young daughters are running around, jumping on Uncle Chase and he's passed out on the couch," Peter said.

Though Chase is a senior, he does have one more year of eligibility left.

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