Lost dog returns home just in time for Thanksgiving

Lost dog returns home just in time for Thanksgiving

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One family in West Toledo is extra thankful after being reunited with their dog. Kodie was lost for nearly eight months when they saw his picture online.

The Dotson's never thought they would see their dog Kodie, a husky mix, again after he and Lillie left the families yard one night in March last year.

"I went and searched for them and they weren't there," said Danielle Dotson.

Danielle and her husband looked all over, made posters to hang up all over town, and even talked with local businesses for help finding them.

The family says they got several calls of sightings across town, but still couldn't find the dogs.

Nearly three weeks later someone found Lillie and returned her to the Dotson's, but Kodie was still nowhere to be found.

"I thought at this point someone had picked him up and I wasn't getting him back," said Danielle Dotson.

That was until this week.

On Monday Danielle found two dogs running in the street and picked them up. She checked the Toledo Area Lost and Found Pets page on Facebook to see if she could find their owner, like she hoped someone would have done for Kodie.

"I had to go onto the Facebook page that I posted him lost on to see if anyone posted about these lost dogs," explained Danielle. "I didn't see anything, I kept scrolling and that's when I saw a main administrator had posted a photo of him and I knew that was my dog."

She quickly tried to get to Lucas County Canine Care and Control to pick Kodie up and bring him home to her family. She says instantly he became excited to see her and she began crying as they reacquainted with each other.

"We didn't think we were getting him back after him being gone for eight months so for us to find him it was a shock and everyone was completely happy," said Danielle.

Adding to this sweet reunion, Thursday was Danielle's birthday and she was able to spend it again with her beloved dog.

"It feels more like a birthday present," she said.

The family has no idea where Kodie was for more than eight months or how he was found earlier this week, but they are extra thankful to have him back home for Thanksgiving.

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