Northview grad, OSU band member lives out dream of dotting the 'I'

Northview grad, OSU band member lives out dream of dotting the 'I'

COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - Being a member of the Best Damn Band in the Land is every band member's dream.

Northview grad Mitch Kahn has already achieved that dream, being a member of the Ohio State Marching Band for the past four years.

Kahn has another dream he has wanted to achieve since fifth grade: to dot that famous "I".

"I definitely chose to play the sousaphone back in about fifth grade, knowing that I would want to dot the "I". So it was kind of hand-in-hand. I really wanted to do it because I wanted to dot the "I', but if I didn't dot the "I", I still would have enjoyed playing sousaphone regardless," Kahn said.

Being a fourth-year sousaphone player, Kahn knew his childhood dream would become a reality this season. So when it was his turn to pick which game, he chose Senior Day.

"My dad jokes around, he said, 'Why didn't you get one of the earlier games? It'll be warmer, the sun will be out, it'll be a nice day.' I said, 'No, I want the last one. I want the last ramp, I want to go out on top,'" Kahn said.

While Kahn has had the opportunity to perform at various bowl games, the 2015 National Championship game and three rivalry games so far, he says the game against Illinois tops his list.

"100 percent dotting the "I" is without a doubt, hands down, the greatest day I think I've had in this band," Kahn said. "There are many others that come close, but what you experience at the top of the "I", the emotions that come with the fact that it was the last ramp and the last performance, there's just nothing like it."

Fellow northwest Ohioans Chad Selmek and Parker Stephens, who have known Kahn for years, were excited to see him live out his dream.

"I've known Mitch since like junior high. We were both in the same Boy Scout troop, so it was really cool to see him dot the "I", Selmek said.

"Mitch was nice enough to let me be at the top of the 'O' with him," Stephens said. "Right before he went off, I gave him a fist bump. It was really special for me to see him accomplish his dream that I know he's had for so, so long."

It's a moment Khan won't soon forget.

"It was a dream come true. I keep watching the videos of it. I just can't believe it actually happened," he said.

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