St. Paul's Community Center serves hundreds this Thanksgiving

St. Paul's Community Center serves hundreds this Thanksgiving

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Community Members in Toledo got an early start to their Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday.

St. Paul's Community Center opened its doors to hundreds. Anybody looking for an early holiday meal was invited.

"We wanted to do something extra. Offer the people an opportunity to have that meal if they're gonna miss it on Thursday," said Joseph Habib, Saint Paul Community Center's Executive Director.

Your traditional Thanksgiving foods were on the menu: Turkey, gravy, potatoes, yams. Organizers said this is always a happy occasion. Families, friends and strangers come hungry and leave full. Even full in spirit.

"It makes me feel happy, because I get to meet so many different people, different walks of life, and everybody got their own stories," said Tony Rome, a volunteer at the center.

Rome said he used to be homeless, but credits St. Paul's for helping him get through the tough times. Now, he just wants to pay it forward.

"They just changed my life they just helped me out so much when I thought I didn't have nobody," said Rome. "Saint Paul's was there for me."

The Habib calls the event beautiful chaos.

"We have individuals from all walks of life we have volunteers who come in and they serve...we have hungry individuals come in ready to eat and they leave with a smile."

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