Money Talks News: Holiday center pieces for less than $6

Money Talks News - Holiday decorating can be fun, but it can also put a strain on the family finances.

Lifestyle expert Parker Wallace says there are ways you can make the holiday's cheap.

Here are some tips on how to make six holiday centerpieces for less than 6 dollars each...

The base for all the centerpieces is this glass canister. Think about using things in season, like cranberries.
Fill the canister with fresh cranberries, try to get them in the canister, and then we're going to pour some water on top, and this is going to be the perfect base. And then top with fresh flowers. Look how gorgeous.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? How about chestnuts surrounding a festive candle? Again, using seasonal elements to create a gorgeous centerpiece.
Colorful Christmas ornaments make a beautiful display. This is all the bling without spending the bling.
Metallics are really big this year, so spray paint some pine cones in shades of silver, gold and bronze and you've got a shimmering, gorgeous centerpiece.
You can create a centerpiece that's like a snow globe by pouring some epsom salts at the bottom of our canister and then placing a little mini-house or some mini-trees: you can even create a little village.
Take some mistletoe or a mini-wreath and then attach it with a little bit of tape to the inside of the canister and then fill with your favorite holiday candy.
To find out  how to make these things yourself, you're going to find it at You're just going to do a search for, what Parker? Holiday Centerpieces.