Perrysburg factory proud to make official buckeyes of Ohio State University

Perrysburg factory proud to make official buckeyes of Ohio State University

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - In Perrysburg, Marsha's Homemade Buckeyes spends countless hours prepping for game days.

"Well, Ohio State, once they start playing football, we get slammed. Then you throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then you throw in all of the bowl games," said owner Matthew Smith, the son of Marsha Smith who started the company.

Just how much work goes into making their famous candy buckeyes?

Try 2,520 pounds of powdered sugar, 1,800 pounds of peanut butter, 2,000 pounds of chocolate and 1,000 pounds of butter all in one week.

A dedicated team of about 25 employees help put together the delicious treats.

"We hand rolled every buckeye which took three or four hours," veteran employee Patty Genbreska said. "Everything just progresses so much faster, easier, smoother, and we can produce more with the help of the equipment."

Genbreska is an Ohio State Buckeye fan for life and a loyal member of Marsha's team.

"Marsha was a neighbor of mine," Genbreska said. "Just one day I called her and I said, 'Hey if you ever need someone to help you out now and then.' It turned out to be 15 years."

Matthew Smith says he remembers when his mother started the business from their own before it moved into a small factory that provided buckeyes for every Cracker Barrel in the country.

"So when my brother and I came on, we thought what's our next step?" Smith said. "So I guess the first this we did was changed all of our packaging. We just gave it a little bit of a face lift."

Marsha's Homemade Buckeyes are the fan favorite of Ohio State University, which makes the team at Marsha's proud.

"In the football stadium, we're in the basketball stadium. Every single tour that is given at The Ohio State University, everyone gets a buckeye, a Marsha's buckeye placed in their hand during the tour," Smith said.

"It's just fun to be part of it," Genbreska added. "To make something that OSU would use on campus and give it out on game day and everything like that."

The Smith brothers pride themselves on continuing their mom's tradition and growing the company.  They did say being an Ohio State fan is not a job requirement, but highly encouraged.

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