City council to vote next week on AFSCME contract

City council to vote next week on AFSCME contract
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city's largest employee union AFSCME needs a new 3-year contract. And on Tuesday, Toledo City Council called a special meeting to discuss passing a new agreement.

City council went into executive session, leaving council chambers and discussed the contract for an hour and half. In conclusion, they decided that they're not voting until next week.

Union leaders said  they were under the impression a vote was going to happen Tuesday.

AFSCME has almost 750 employees working for the city.  The majority work in the department of public utilities, doing things like repairing water and sewer lines. Others work on mowing and snow and leaf removal.

Local 7 leaders said they aren't sure what could have kept council from voting.  The contract discusses  wages, hazard pay, and pensions.

A city council member said they want to see the non-economic issues of the contract, such as how they handle promotions and discipline.

Then they will vote next Tuesday during their regular council meeting.

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