Clock is ticking for landlords to have their properties inspected

Clock is ticking for landlords to have their properties inspected

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The clock is ticking, and 13,000 rental properties still have to be inspected before June 30.

Toledo Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski said he believes they've done their part to make landlords aware and that the rest is up to them.

"We've given them the education, we've given them opportunities with waiving of the registration, we've given them that broad perspective of you need to get this done, when, by that countdown clock," said Zgodzinski.

If times runs out for landlords, it won't  just a slap on the wrist. They will be fined $50 to $10,000 a day.

"Unfortunately we got to take that path, and that is something that we are going to have to do. Much like we've done with the Ohio Department of Health program with taking those individuals to court, it is kind of the same thing. Eventually we have to use the legal system to make sure that we protect our kids," said Zgodzinski.

Zgodzinski said they've been working with landlords to improve the process and help make it as smooth as possible.

"It goes back to, okay, now it is time for the landlords to make sure they comply the section in that code which means that by July 1st we hope to have everybody registered," said Zgodzinski.

There's a total of 22,000 other properties that will have deadlines in 2019 and 2020.

Health department leaders said they aren't moving back the deadline for the waived application fee, so if you want to save $45 dollars you have until November 30.

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