Food bank's trailer stolen, right before Thanksgiving

Food bank's trailer stolen, right before Thanksgiving

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's a case of a real Grinch in Toledo.  Someone ripped off the trailer used to haul food to a local food bank, just before the holidays.

Volunteers showed up Tuesday morning at Cornucopia, a community food bank in West Toledo, only to find the trailer they use to pick up food, missing.

"Then I looked down and I saw the lock laying on the ground and I was like, oh, Lord, somebody stole the trailer,"  said Executive Director Laura Marsh when she came in and opened the garage.

It happened sometime between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. And now it's putting them in a big bind.

"This is hurting everybody," said Jan Burgard Moore, Director of Community Outreach for Cornucopia. "It's such a ripple effect, because we don't have a way to go pick up that food now."

It was devastating for the food pantry that 350 people rely on every week. It's the only one in it's location and Wednesday morning they were just about to pick up food for Thanksgiving.

Moore said the theft cuts deep, because Toledo and northwest Ohio Cornucopia is helping so many families in real need.

"There's, you know, especially with the drug epidemic, we have so many grandparents that are raising their grandkids," said Moore.

Hope was there getting food, with her three-year-old grandson, she is helping her daughter raise.

"He's 3-years-old and my daughter's a single mother," explained Hope.

She said even for people who work, it can be hard sometimes to get nutritious food for their families. She volunteers there too, and is asking friends to lend a truck to help get food from the Seagate Food Bank this week to bring here.

"They help a lot," she said. "There's no other food bank on this side right here. There isn't any other. So they really need it."

And she's hoping, maybe, some of the good they've been doing, will come back to them.

"Hopefully someone will come forward or maybe someone will donate one to them," Hope said.  "You never know, God is good. "

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