Teen accused of shooting two, killing one, faces judge

Teen accused of shooting two, killing one, faces judge

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police and an witnesses discussed in court what they believe led to the shooting that resulted in D'asia Wallace's death as well as two others being shot .

The courtroom viewed a video of a brawl that happened back in September. The video showed the  moments that took place before Wallace was killed.

Witnesses on the stand said it was a pre-planned girl fight that many showed up to watch, but then the fight went too far.  And that when a bike was thrown on a woman, Emanual Garner reacted by firing shots in the direction of the person responsible.

The coroner report shows Wallace died from a gunshot wound to her chest.  Another woman, Tinasia Young, was shot in the leg but survived. Garner , who was 16 at the time, also was shot in the leg.  Police said Garner was shot after someone returned fire. That shooter has never been identified.

The lead detective testified that Garner took himself to the hospital after being shot and tried to cover up his involvement in this scene and the murder by telling police he got shot in a completely different part of town.

"First we checked with 911 and records there were no reports of shots fired then we had police go to the area, canvas the area. There were people playing football that didn't hear any shots at the time Mr. Garner said he was shot at," said Detective Paul Marchiok.

The defense didn't call any witnesses though did tell the judge in closing statements they didn't feel this case could move forward until police identify the person who fired back at Garner, the second shooter in this case.

The judge will deliver her ruling on whether Garner will remain in the Juvenile system or be moved to adult court to be tired as an adult Thursday morning.

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