Tiffin receives $70K grant to renovate alley for pedestrian use.

Tiffin receives $70K grant to renovate alley for pedestrian use.

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - An old, run down alleyway will soon get new life in Tiffin and it's part of a larger revitalization plan.

This week, the city of Tiffin was awarded $70,000 in local gr ant money to completely transform this alley on the north side of town.

By the end of next Summer, the through way will no longer accept vehicle traffic and will be totally beautified and lit for pedestrian traffic.

The idea is to make the walk easier for people who park at city parking lots, alleviating some demand for street parking on busy Washington Street.

The alley will act as a gateway for visitors coming to downtown to visit the Ritz Theater. And the improved area could also be used as a selling point for potential new businesses next door.

"The Perfect area for them to have outdoor seating and etc.. So, I really think it's going to open up new business opportunities in downtown Tiffin, and will help a lot of our different shops as we move forward with this plan and complete more and more alleyways," said Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz.

Mayor Montz said that the renovation of this alley will act as sort of a test subject for a handful of other alleys in the downtown area that could receive similar treatment in the future.

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