Thanksgiving travel reminders

Thanksgiving travel reminders

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Both AAA and ODOT are weighing in on best practices and what to expect for drivers heading into the busiest travel weekend of the year.

It's important for drivers to make sure that they're prepared. Getting gas early, making sure the car doesn't need an oil change and checking the air pressure in the tires are just a few ways to save time getting to grandma's house, or wherever the Thanksgiving dinner may be.

"We're seeing an increase in holiday travel. Probably about 3.5 percent increase in Ohioans traveling more than 50 miles from home. So basically, people want to make sure they pack their patience for the Thanksgiving holiday travel," Cindy Russeau, AAA Club Alliance Retail Office Manager said.

That increase, a 12-year high, amounts to about $2 million Ohioans on the road for a significant period of time. This is despite prices at the pump averaging more than 20 cents higher than last year.

More travelers on the road equals more traffic in destination cities. AAA said, drivers on Chicago's interstates, for example, could see a delay of nearly 300 percent.

Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2, Rebecca Dangelo affirmed some good news for a local project.

"Central Avenue between Holland Sylvania all the way down to Secor. That project has been ongoing. It's been a resurfacing project so it's a long corridor and they've been working their way through, but that is expected to be complete this week, and even if it's not, we are going to get those barrels out by Thanksgiving," said Dangelo.

Despite seeing less workers and orange barrels out there, it's a good idea for drivers to map out their route now to relieve the added stresses of being late. The turkey usually isn't done on time anyway.

The same rules apply when heading home. Ingredients found in turkey can make people sleepy and it's never a good idea to drive when you're not fully alert.

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