Officer severely wounded in shooting making slow, progressive recovery

Officer severely wounded in shooting making slow, progressive recovery

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo police detective remains in the hospital, after being shot during a raid last week.

Detective Jason Picking is still in stable condition after police say Jermaine Hill shot Picking in the left side of his face.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral visited Detective Picking Sunday. Chief Kral says he is relieved knowing Picking will pull through.

"When they opened the door, he was sitting in a chair next to his bed," Chief Kral said of the visit. "That was the last thing i expected."

Picking made through a lengthy surgery this weekend, the first in what will be a long series of operations to repair his shattered jaw.

Chief Kral says Detective Picking is still unable to talk, but communicates via text and by writing messages on a dry-erase board.

Meanwhile, officers in the department are doing what they can to ensure Picking's family can rest easy following the tragedy.

"Obviously their biggest concern is Jason, but luckily they have a 623 person extended family who are helping with the kids, raking the leaves and making sure the garbage is taken out, that food is in the refrigerator," Chief Kral said. "So we are making sure the family gets everything they need."

Toledo police set up a fund at the Toledo Police Credit Union to help the family. Donations can be made at their locations at the Safety Building and on Heatherdowns.

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