3 siblings taken from abusive household find forever family

3 siblings taken from abusive household find forever family

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A young boy who was nearly choked to death by his own father gets a happy ending to his story, for himself and his siblings.

The boy was taken from his south Toledo home after his 21-year-old father Trevor Casey was caught choking him during a domestic dispute about a year-and-a-half ago.

Casey was arrested, and the boy and his brother were taken into the Martin home last March.

"Honestly at first we were like no way are we adopting three babies," adoptive mother, Heather Martin said. "And then we fell in love with them and we couldn't see them going anywhere else."

When their biological mother gave birth to a baby sister, Brian Martin took her home to be WITH her brothers- Kevin and Kingston. Their mother had given up her parental rights.

The Martins have been fostering the siblings ever since, and Monday were officially named a family. For little Ka'Liah, the Martin family is all she's ever known.

Judge Jack Puffenburger said not a lot of great things happen in a courtroom, but it's always a good day when children find their forever homes.

"It's the best part of being a judge, I can tell you that. The families are happy, but it's just such a great day for the kids. These kids don't realize today what a good day they're having, but this is a life-changing day for them," Judge Puffenburger said.

Four-year-old Kevin has a new middle name with a special meaning on adoption day-Xavier-which means Savior. "He told his mom that his little brother was turning blue," Brian said. He explained it was the warning that prompted the emergency call - the night their biological father was arrested. 

So Kevin is our savior for our family for his brother he helped his brother.

The Martin family encourages other families to open their homes, and their hearts, for kids in need.

Because adoption day is a life-changing day for them, too.

"This year has been really something to be thankful for," Brian Martin said. "I got married to her this past February- my lovely wife- and today God has put another miracle- 3 miracles on me and I'm just beyond blessed and really it's emotional because we're a family. we're officially a family.

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