ODOT snow plows are ready

ODOT snow plows are ready

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - As the weather gets colder we're forced to acknowledge the fact that snow will be coming soon.

ODOT is working on tightening up their equipment to make sure that when the snow does fall, they're 100 percent ready to go.

Lucas County has 16 snowplows, that last year alone were drove almost 54,000 miles to remove snow and ice.

Monday, mechanics completed 150-point inspections on those vehicles to ensure the snow fighting equipment is in top shape before the snow begins to fall.

Dale Calcamuggio the Administrative Officer for ODOT District 2 explained the process.

"If they miss something, basically the inspectors let us know. If it's something that the truck shouldn't be going, they red tag it, and then our mechanics immediately start to work on it. That will be next week's to get it ready to go, if not this afternoon as soon as they leave," said Calcamuggio.

The plows not only have snow pushers that d rop on the front, but many have plows on the underbelly and right side as well.

ODOT plows were struck 35 times in 2016. If you see them out on the road, please take it easy and let them get the roads clear.

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