Late fall/winter still a great time to check out animals at Toledo Zoo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You might not think a trip to the zoo in the middle of a frigid winter would be the best time to view animals, but actually some of the animals at the Toledo Zoo thrive during the colder winter months.

"We have many species, one of them right behind me, is the camels. They aren't like their Saharan relative that have one hump, but they'll be in negative 25 degrees in the winter especially at night," said Michael Frushour, Associate Curator of Mammals at the Toledo Zoo.

Other animals you can see when visiting the Toledo Zoo in the late fall and winter months, are the playful three brown bears, reindeers, snow leopards, and of course the polar bears, just to name a few.

"It's a really fun place to bring the family, put on a warm coat, get some hot chocolate at one of the any restaurants and your going to have a great time," said Frushour.

The zoo is open year around.

Keep in mind you aren't going to miss out on seeing all the animals, because many of the warmer climate animals like elephants, and giraffes can still be seen in the indoor viewing areas.

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