35-thousand lights adorn giant Norway Spruce at Zoo's Lights before Christmas

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The center of any good light display has to be the big tree right?

When they are being hung, well before they are lit however, the giant Norway Spruce in the Toledo Zoo's Lights before Christmas may seem like a scene from Christmas Vacation, a jumble of lights and strings and pine cones.

Good thing there's a plan.

For the past five years, Anne Zigler has been in charge of the madness.

Anne starts from the top of the 85-foot tree and works her way down.

"It probably takes, if the weather is good, three to four weeks to get it done," said the Toledo Zoo's Curator of Horticulture Nancy Bucher. "There's 700 sets, so 35,000 lights on it."

WTOL was there this year when the decorating was completed and we can attest, all that work is definitely worth it.

The last of all 35 thousand lights ready for prime time on Friday and another year of Lights before Christmas.

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