Packaging companies looking to hire for the season

Packaging companies looking to hire for the season

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the busiest time of the year for deliveries, one packaging company is searching for some extra help.

The UPS in Holland began searching for 800 seasonal workers in back in August, but have only filled about half of those positions.

They're still looking to hire 5 to 10 package car drivers, 125 driver helpers and 150 inside help.

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity and that means there's more need for shipping and delivery services.

"People love to buy online.I buy online. Most of my Christmas shopping will be online just because the hours I put into work," said Sherrie Chaney, a human resources supervisor for UPS.

With all those online purchases, they continue to stay busy into the new year.

"We call this Santa's helpers, it's a great time if you like intense work, need a workout, good pay..we're the place to come," said Chaney.

You can apply for UPS here.

Fed Ex is also hiring seasonal help. Anyone who is interested in applying can do so online or at their location.

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