3 used car dealerships special use permits in question

3 used car dealerships special use permits in question

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three local used car dealerships were under scrutiny Wednesday night.

The Toledo Zoning and Planning Commission recommended that Ace Auto House on Sylvania Avenue,  State Line Auto Sales on Whiteford Center Road and First Choice Auto Finance on Woodville Road all have their special use permits revoked.

Neighbors' concerns about the way the businesses were being run, along with leaders not complying, were reasons for the recommendation to Toledo City Council.

"We are not here, whether it is this particular instance or others, to shut somebody down or prevent somebody from running a business," said Toledo City Councilman Peter Ujvagi.

Both First Choice and Ace Auto made changes satisfying the requirements, but State Line Auto Sales is still working on that.

"I wish to keep [the owner of State Line Auto's] feet to the fire. I wish this to be held in committee until he shows me a new application,"  said Tom Gibbons, director of Toledo Zoning and Planning Commission.

One neighbor who lives by First Choice Auto came to the meeting to speak on its behalf.

"Before First Choice moved in, the neighborhood was real bad", said Hector Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he understands why they had to make some changes.

"They had many different reasons, the fencing, the way they park their cars, how many cars they have," said Rodriguez.

But, he stressed the business has turned the neighborhood around. Rodriguez said now the area is much safer.

First Choice Manager Brian Dillon said that is not a coincidence.

"We put a lot of nice lighting in, and cameras for our safety and it does help out the city as they actually have used our cameras a couple times to help solve a few things," said Dillon.

Zoning and Planning Commission Director Tom Gibbons said he will continue to follow up with these businesses.

State Line will have its permit discussed again in January.

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