Toledo Mayor releases proposed 2018 budget

Toledo Mayor releases proposed 2018 budget
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Wednesday Toledo's City Council got their first look at the proposed 2018 budget. That budget coming from Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson just two months before she leaves office.

The proposed general fund budget is estimated at $258,218,000 with an income tax revenue projection of $178,000,000, that's more than $4 million
compared to 2017.

Current Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson believes it leaves Toledo in a better financial position than when she first took office.

"I believe it's a budget that's fiscally responsible that meets the needs of our community those things that I heard residents talk about such as residential repaving," said Mayor Hicks-Hudson. "Also, I think it sets the city up to continue the forward momentum."

A big highlight is transferring less money out of the capital improvement fund. That means more dollars, about $5.75 million more, will be available for city projects. The mayor also made known  they are projecting no general obligation debt borrowing for 2018.

"This shows that we are, we have moved in the right direction to be more fiscally responsible and look at the expenditures that we have so we can continue to reduce that," said Mayor Hicks-Hudson.

The budget proposed Wednesday allocates $8.75 million for repaving residential roads and another $1.6 million for a mill and fill program. In addition, the mayor has also budgeted a new police class of 40 officers to begin in July and a fire class of 30 to begin in August.

Council members received the 144 page document Wednesday and do expect changes to come in the future.

"This is really the most important work that we do in the year is setting this budget," said Sandy Spang, Toledo City Council member. "I am just hoping that we take the time to take a really close look at each department and set that spending along our priorities."

Spang said she'd like to see the budget include the information they learned from the priority based budgeting data. The mayor's proposal does include that asking departments to save a total of $600,000. City council will have several budget hearings in the future, but must approve a final operating budget by March 31st.

Council members expect Mayor-Elect Wade Kapszukiewicz to make changes to the proposed budget. Wednesday he was out of town and unavailable for an interview.

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