Flu cases on the rise in northwest Ohio

Flu cases on the rise in northwest Ohio

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It can make you miserable for days, as you deal with a fever, soar throat, cough and body aches. That's what having the flu feels like and some in our area are experiencing those symptoms right now.

While Lucas County only has one patient hospitalized with the flu, Wood County is seeing more cases than usual this time of year.  They currently have 13 patients in the hospital with confirmed flu cases.

"Even if you don't live in wood county this is a sign that the flu is here and doctors say this is your warning to get your flu shot. It takes 14 days for the vaccine to start working in your system," said Eric Zgodzinski with the Lucas County Health Department.

Getting plenty of sleep at night, drinking enough water and sticking to a good diet will also help to arm you against getting sick but also protect others around you who might not be able to fight off the flu like the very young and old.

"Unfortunately there are deaths every year I think the average for an average flu season is 37,000 that is why it's so important get your flu shot, keeping yourself healthy washing your hands, washing hands and washing hands," said Zgodzinski.

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