Former TPD officer case faces another delay

Former TPD officer case faces another delay
Michael E. Moore (Source: Toledo Police)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's been a year since Toledo Police detectives began investigating one of their own after a vet of the force was accused of having sex with a girl under the age of 13.

And still today, that case is not resolved.

This case involves former Toledo Police officer, Michael Moore, who has since lost his job because of these allegations.  Attorneys on both sides have to build a solid case and ensure everything is done by the books.

Another reason for a slight delay in the case happened Wednesday.  A new judge was assigned.

The former judge who was involved since last December retired, making Wednesday's hearing important to get the new judge up to date.

But from the beginning this case has presented attorneys and the judge with thousands of documents from Children Services to sift through, and several motions or requests to have evidence and the case thrown to rule on.

And most recently, a key witness the state planned to call to the stand during the trial  died.

This didn't actually cause any delay to the case, but yet it was another wrinkle attorneys had to address.

For now, there's still more work that has to be done.

A definite trial date has yet to be scheduled at this point. The trial will not happen until  2018.

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