Money Talks News: How to avoid calling a plumber on black Friday

Money Talks News - Thanksgiving, or the day after, is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers. One of the culprits: clogged kitchen drains. But there is a solution.

Keep a trash can handy and of course, avoid, putting a lot of grease down the line. As little as possible should go down the disposal.

You never know when you're going to need to call a plumber, but if you do call one, the cost will probably be expensive. Here are some tips to make sure your plumber isn't sitting down at your Thanksgiving table.

First, don't use your garbage disposal as a trash compactor. Keep bones, fibrous veggies and potato peels out of that disposal.

Next, don't flush things like baby wipes and cotton balls down the toilet, and even avoid some of the "flushable" wipes.

Some plumbers say that nothing other than toilet paper and human waste should be going down the toilet.

With a house full of guests, wait 15 minutes between showers. That's not just to let the water heat up again. It's to let the drains clear.

Also, if you notice in the weeks leading up to the holidays that your drains are running slowly, do what you can to fix them or have a plumber out and have them fix them.

And if something does happen, try to find a plumber that doesn't charge extra for emergency calls.

Honestly, the only way you want to see a plumber on Thanksgiving day is if they're on the guest list. To find some more tips and information head to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "plumber."

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