Rossford Drug Takeback

Rossford Drug Takeback

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - The Rossford Police Department has set up a drug take back bin in their lobby that will be available 24/ 7.

The only thing people who want to drop off unwanted prescription pills have to do is walk in, d rop them off and walk out- no questions asked.

The department used to have drug take back days, but they were limited, so Police Chief Glenn Goss said he wanted a place for the public to be able to take those old pills at any time.

"Hopefully it's a successful program and it helps eliminate problems that we've had with prescription theft and misuse by drug abusers and probably more importantly hopefully it helps prevent any accidental deaths or injuries," said Chief Goss.

Items that they accept are prescription medications (Scheduled II-V controlled and non-controlled substances) and over the counter medications.

Illegal drugs, needles, lotions or liquids, inhalers, aerosol, thermometers and hydrogen peroxide are not accepted.

All of the drugs that get dropped off will  be delivered to the Drug Enforcement Administration who will dispose of them properly.

The Rossford Police Department is located at 99 Hillsdale Avenue Rossford, Ohio.

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