Toledo Hospital awarded grant for efforts against opioid epidemic

Toledo Hospital awarded grant for efforts against opioid epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Driving along I 4-175 you may have noticed ProMedica making major changes to Toledo Hospital. These changes include updating the unit that houses many of the women's health services.

Much of the money from a $500,000 grant from the Charlotte Schmidlapp fund will go towards helping pregnant women who have high risk pregnancies because of opioid addiction.

The fund will also name the new antepartum unit at Toledo Hospital.

This unit will help care for the increasing number f high-risk pregnancies due to the opioid epidemic in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Officials from the hospital said they have seen a 90-fold increase in these high-risk births over the past eight years. They said the current unit just is not big enough to care for addict babies and mothers.

"It gets tremendous wear and tear. so just to help that unit overall is a really big issue and the drug dependency issue we face in this area Northwest Ohio I think that's where we will put it to use quickly and immediately," said Dr. Kent E. Bishop, Preside of Women's Service Line with ProMedica.

The new unit will be in the new towers.

The trustee from fifth third said this is a competitive grant that could be awarded anywhere from Michigan down to Florida. Toledo Hospital stood out because if its efforts to improve the health of the community during this opioid epidemic.

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