Toledo-Lucas County Health Department cracks down on landlords

Toledo-Lucas County Health Department cracks down on landlords

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Lucas County Health Department is cracking down on six landlords who have failed to obey specific requirements.

They were sent to court Wednesday morning.

The properties have been cited as having lead hazards after children were tested with elevated blood lead levels.

"Kids will get tested and those kids that are tested high over ten then that automatically puts us into a realm of having to go out and survey that home, talk to the parents with a nurse..that survey is to see if there's lead in the home,"  said Eric Zgodzinski with he Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Some of the homes have pink slips on the front, deeming the house unsafe and hazardous, especially for children under six-years-old and pregnant women.

The landlords are now charged with first degree misdemeanors. Those who work at the health department said they gave the owners multiple chances to fix these homes.

They add that protecting children is the main focus. Lucas County Commissioner, Tina Wozniak can attest to this.

"Because of our old housing stack that children can if they're exposed to lead and they can be in older homes, can be under great danger, when it comes to learning and being able to perform well in school," Wozniak said.

Health department workers said sometimes repairing homes with lead can costs tens of thousands of dollars, but they said there is money out there to help landlords and homeowners deal with the problem.

The results from Wednesday's arraignment include, one case dismissed, one continuance, four no-shows and bench warrants were issued.

Health officials said while they investigate 75 to 85 lead cases a year, about 3 to 4,000  children in Toledo could be affected or diagnosed with lead poisoning at any point.

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