Rossford Police Department look to hire

Rossford Police Department look to hire

. - Rossford Police Department and the Rossford School Board may be teaming up to ensure safety at their schools.

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss said they are waiting to hear if the school board passes the agreement.

This agreement will provide a full time officer on their campuses to focus on programs like juvenile school safety, and bullying. The Rossford Police department has had an officer on school grounds full-time in the past, but it got eliminated due to budget cuts through the city.

If this passes, there would be an open position at the police department which could possibly be one full and one part-time position.

Goss said they are excited to team up with the school system and they have a great work environment for anyone interested in the position.

"The majority of the people who join our force really want to stay and make a career. It's a good place to work, you know we're small enough where we're like family and friendly but yet we get enough calls for service and activity that it's not a boring job," said Goss

The job could be posted as early as Thursday.

Anyone interested in applying is encouraged to go here and click on law enforcement job, search Ohio and choose Rossford. From there will be full directions.

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