Local homeless shelter allows entire family to stay together

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Family House is truly a unique homeless shelter because the whole family can stay together.

The average age of a homeless child is four.

Right now, 65 kids live within these walls at Family House, the second largest family homeless shelter in Ohio.

Reports came out about the thousands of homeless children attending Toledo Public Schools a few months ago and the Executive Director, Renee Palacios said that's when they started getting calls.

"Really where are these children, how come I have never seen them? And I kind of joke because what are you looking for in a homeless child? They're not green, they don't have signs, they don't have four eyes," said Palacios.

Within the community, 75 percent of these families find homes within two months of staying at the shelter.

"We provide the emergency solution to families, emergency housing, food clothing and toiletries. But then from there we are more than just hots and cots, we truly are an empowerment program," said Palacios.

Regardless of the situation, Family House leaders remind these parents, this is a temporary situation, anyone could find themselves in.

"Life happens to good people sometimes, we've got families who have come to us because of fires, because of a medical emergency, we've had folks that have had car accidents and can no longer work and while they're waiting for disability the bottom drops of financially," said Palacios.

Monetary donations truly goes a long way when for the Family House. They are averaging only 75 cents per meal when they're feeding these neighbors. That means a whole family can be fed for just a couple of dollars.

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