Church in Maumee offers hope to the grieving

Church in Maumee offers hope to the grieving

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Members of First Presbyterian Church of Maumee are on a mission to heal broken hearts.

Their service comes in the form of an encouraging seminar, always offered this time of year, for people facing the holidays after a loved one's death.

It's called, "Surviving the Holidays," and falls under the umbrella of the church's grief share program. Church members said most people who attend the seminar are not members of First Presbyterian.

"We work really hard to try to welcome and offer hospitality," said Pastor Clint Tolbert.

"Surviving the Holidays" brings out on average 10 to 15 community members per year.

Vicki Secord is a member of the church and helps to facilitate the seminar.

"People come in and they have really no idea what to expect and the videos are so well done, so professionally done and they'll not only hear from counselors, but they'll hear stories from people who have gone through this," said Secord.

The stories are expected to touch hearts and offer comfort in the midst of heartache. Church members said they want the seminar to give people permission to grieve.

"There are seasons of life where lament or grief is expected and it's okay,"  said Pastor Tolbert.

"It's a very stressful time, even without having lost a loved one," said Secord.

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