Money Talks News: How to instantly increase your productivity

Money Talks News - Modern life is hectic. While the days aren't getting any longer, the list of to-dos certainly seem to.

While you can't add extra hours to your day, there are some tips to get more out of those hours that you do have.

Make a to-do list every morning, then try not to do anything that isn't on it.

Next, do your best to eliminate distractions. Turn off the sound of incoming email, text messages and anything else that causes you to lose focus. Need to check your phone or email? Set a time; say, every hour on the hour for five minutes.

Speaking of focus, the quickest way to lose it to do several things at once. It's proven that multitasking doesn't work: Finish one thing, then start another.

None of these things will work if they don't become habitual. Something can become a habit by agreeing to do it for at least three weeks. Going to have trouble staying on track? Then get a friend and help each other.

Spend a lot of time typing? Learn one new keyboard shortcut every day, or at least every week.

And, especially at first, take note of where your time is going. Track minutes like money: you need to see where you're spending em.

Finally, take breaks and get some exercise. Being rested and in shape helps people be more focused and more energized. Want to get some more and maybe some links? Go to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "productivity."

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