Young professionals from Japan tour area, give presentations to local students

Young professionals from Japan tour area, give presentations to local students

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - A partnership between the University of Findlay and a Japanese community has grown.

Now the city of Findlay and local businesses are helping a young Japanese workforce, and educating students here as well.

"To think outside of Findlay, think outside of Ohio, think outside of the United States of America," said Dr. Hiroaki Kawamura of the University of Findlay.

For 10 years now, the university has offered a scholarship to a resident of the Fukui prefecture in Japan.

Now the partnership is expanding as this year is the first Fukui/Findlay business seminar.

This week, eight young professionals for Japan are visiting to get first-hand knowledge of American business, while also giving presentations from their expertise in English. It helps develop vital professional skills in an ever increasing globalized market.

"Because we want our students, our youth to understand that we are connected. Findlay is connected with the world," said Kawamura

On Monday, the visitors gave presentations to high school students at the Millstream Career Center.

The program not only benefits those from Japan, but can enlighten these students as well.

"For example, they get a chance to see that banking is banking, manufacturing is manufacturing no matter what country you're in and no matter who you're dealing with. A lot of the concepts are all the same," said Dave Danhoff, director of Millstream Career Center.

And the visiting young professionals will also be giving a presentation Tuesday night for college aged students at the University of Findlay.

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