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Vietnam War vet grateful after winning new roof from Toledo home improvement company

Vietnam veteran Robert Hummer (Source: WTOL) Vietnam veteran Robert Hummer (Source: WTOL)

A Toledo veteran was recognized on Veterans Day for service to his country.

He had a new roof put on his house and it didn’t cost him a dime.

The labor and materials were provided free of charge by Arnold’s Home Improvement.

It’s part of an annual contest the firm runs called ‘Veterans Roof Project.

“It’s good. You work hard all year long. It’s nice to feel good about what you’re doing,” said worker Joe Koehl.

This year’s winner was Vietnam War Army vet Robert Hummer.

Crews rolled in early on Saturday morning and by mid-afternoon a new roof and gutters were in place.

It was perfect timing too.

Mr. Hummer’s roof was leaking and he couldn’t afford to pay for the project.

He’s a grateful man.

“I’m very happy about it. I would never be able to get it done otherwise if it wasn’t for this,” said Hummer.

Folks at Arnold’s believe it’s important to help a veteran when they can.

“Everyone knows a veteran and it’s important for us to keep our freedom," said Brandon Biggins of Arnold’s Marketing Department. "We know they fought for it. We’re doing a little bit to give back. Can never do as much as they did for us."

If you’re a veteran or know a veteran in need, contact Arnold’s Home Improvement for a chance to win a new roof next Veterans Day.

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