Two new members want council to put aside differences for betterment of city

Two new members want council to put aside differences for betterment of city

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The election is over and now Toledo has two new city council members.

Nick Komives and Gary Johnson hope their fresh perspective will have a big impact on the city.

Six council seats were up for grabs in 2017, with five incumbents running.

But, the race didn't finish the way some may have suspected.

Gary Johnson, a Democrat and a business owner, finished fourth in the race, securing himself a seat on council.

"If I could take my business experience to the city of Toledo and try to work with trying to create an atmosphere that is more welcoming for our small businesses, then we could grow our tax base," said Johnson.

Small business, tackling our water issues, and helping our homeless children are at the forefront of Johnson's mind.

He also wants to see Toledo take more of an interest in the Lucas County DART team to help fight the opioid epidemic.

"I think we have to quit looking at whether or not it was a democrat-idea or a republican-idea and look at it and say 'is it a good idea?' And if it is, let's figure out a way to facilitate it, compromise on it, do what is necessary. But let's get those ideas on the table and get something done," said Johnson.

Nick Komives, a Democrat and a community organizer, finished fifth behind Johnson.

"Seeing how we can get more people who are in One Government Center out into our neighborhoods, how can we take government to people to really improve the services that we are offering," said Komives.

Komives wants to work on improving neighborhoods and helping small businesses.

He also thinks council should be working together more.

"How can we get all twelve of our personalities, all twelve of our priorities aligned because if we can all come to one vision and start working toward that vision, we will all bring strengths," said Komives.

Both new members will take their seats on council in January.

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