TPD encouraging veterans, active military to join the force

TPD encouraging veterans, active military to join the force

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A significant percentage of Toledo police officers were once members of the military, dropping their military uniform picking up one for the Toledo Police Department.

TPD is a para military organization, many of the values and tactics taught are similar to those vets once lived and used as a member of the military. That is why military veterans feel so comfortable becoming officers with Toledo police.

"We want to get the best candidates that are out there and maybe those who retired from the military," Sgt. Lourdes Rocha said. "They might think they are too old, but we have increased the age form 35 to 40 so those who have served their country can now serve their community."

The department use to cap the age of candidates are 35. Now it is 40 to accommodate retired military. If you are a current member of the military, you are also encouraged to apply.

Recruitment says the department holds positions while you train or are deployed.

The application and testing process needs to be completed by December 31st.

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