Penta students preserving the past with veterans' stories

Penta students preserving the past with veterans' stories

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - About 25 students in social studies classes at Penta Career Center in Perrysburg took part in a special project for Veterans Day.

Their job was to seek out a veteran they knew, or didn't know, and interview him or her.

They used an app on their phone called StoryCorps to conduct the interviews. The finished product will later be submitted to the Library of Congress.

"If you want to preserve their story for generations to come, and in the Library of Congress? It's amazing," Penta American History teacher Joe Boggs said.

From long ago conflicts like WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, to more recent conflicts like Desert Storm, War Against Terror and the Iraqi War, veterans shared their stories for future generations to come.

"To know that young people actually wanna know about veterans, some of the best ways to find out about our history is to interview the people who did stuff," said Joseph Ball, a United States army veteran.

Dominance Neal is a Senior at Maumee High School. For him, Friday's event was even more special because he got to interview his uncle, a retired Air Force veteran.

"The military's made him the man he is," Neal said. "He wants me to be just like that when I come out of the military."

Dawson Hoot is a student at Eastwood High School. He started off his interview thanking veteran Joseph Ball for his service. He says he felt it was proper.

"Some of the things that they have to deal with, from a day to day basis like in a third world country, or even sometimes on our own soil," Hoot said.

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