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Roy Moore's brother responds to allegations

Roy Moore's brother, Jerry. (Source: WBRC video) Roy Moore's brother, Jerry. (Source: WBRC video)

Roy Moore’s family continues to rally behind him as allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior make national news.

No one answered when we arrived and buzzed the speaker at the end of the Moore driveway. A short time later, two vehicles left. One driver was Moore's brother, Jerry.

Jerry Moore, Roy’s younger brother, spoke and said the allegations have been tough on the family, but he is standing by his brother and calling the allegations lies.

Jerry called the allegations false. He said it's an effort to turn the election around for Moore's Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Still, Moore became emotional when talking about the impact those allegations are having on his mother.

"I got a 91 year old mother that is sitting over in the house right now. Crying because they are accusing her son of something he hasn't done," Jerry Moore said.

Moore said his brother is in Montgomery with the campaign. He said Moore’s backers will stay with him. "They will see Roy is the truth. True blue. He is not going to change. He is not going to get out of this election. He is going to fight. We are going to fight, they can say what they want that's their business, but they got to answer to God."

Moore said the family is relying on their faith to get through this political crisis. "I want the people to know how it hurts. If they knew my brother like I know my brother, they would know these are false allegations and they will be proven later," Moore said.

When asked about the media, he said there is no hatred for the media or the Washington Post because “God said love your enemies.”

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