Residents of south Toledo neighborhood feel stuck as gangs take over

Residents of south Toledo neighborhood feel stuck as gangs take over

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The hunt for a killer is underway on Friday as Toledo Police investigate yet another homicide in the city's south side, this time on Atlantic Ave. near Nelson.

The victim of Friday's shooting is added to a list of four people shot and killed in south Toledo in the past two months.

There were also several non-fatal shootings that took place in that time span - all within a two-mile radius.

Families who live in the neighborhood, some with children, say they have had to change their way of life because of the violence and danger creeping in.

Violence brought on by drugs.

As quickly as the leaves change color and fall from the trees, neighbors say their neighborhood has done the same after becoming overrun by money-hungry gangs.

"It seems to me you have gangs on different streets vying for drug money and it's unfortunate for the families here," said Brian, resident of the neighborhood.

A father of two daughters, Brian says he won't let them out of his sight. 

"It's not just me and my family. It is a lot of us hard-working families who feel we should be able to sleep tight at night without worrying about houses getting shot up and drugs being sold in front."

Since August, a handful of shootings like these, four murders and countless other violent crimes have been happening near South Ave. within a mile or two of the Anthony Wayne Trail.

In the neighborhood near South and Spencer, families say they used to shop at two carry-outs but now they go out of their way so they don't get caught up in the crossfire.

That's what happened to a woman in a wheel chair who was shot as she was leaving the Food Mart in September.

Toledo Police are declining interviews on crimewave at this time but neighbors say they either feel stuck and unable to move away or unwilling to give in to the gangs.

"I won't live in fear I will continue to ride my bike and continue to enjoy my neighborhood because i'm not about to move," said Shirley, who lives in the neighborhood.

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