Lying to a child about Christmas? Research shows holiday shopping trends

Lying to a child about Christmas? Research shows holiday shopping trends
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(WTOL) - With the holiday shopping season only a few weeks away, millions of Americans are planning to take part in another busy shopping season.

But how much suffering will Americans go through to get that perfect gift?

New research by LevaData shows Americans are willing to spend more money and jump through more hoops to get their hands on the new iPhone, despite bad reviews.

LevaData survey more than 1,000 adults about Christmas shopping, saving money and brand trust.

According to data compiled by LevaData:

  • 19 percent of Americans say a shipping delay would not deter them from buying an iPhone
  • 18 percent say the price of the iPhone would not deter them
  • 17 percent say that bad reviews about the new iPhone would not deter them
  • Eight percent say a natural disaster would not deter them
  • Seven percent say losing their job or economic collapse would not deter them
  • Five percent say even a family emergency would not deter them

When it comes to brands, Apple is the exception when it comes consumers' patience.

According to the study, one in four Americans say product delays affect brand trust. Twenty percent say they would products from competitors if their brand delayed a consumer's desired product.

A group in the study was asked their reaction if the product they hoped for became unavailable. They study found:

  • 32 percent would blame the company for poor planning
  • 16 percent would believe the product is over-hyped
  • 10 percent would stop trusting the brand
  • Nine percent would stop shopping at the company

Another nine percent, including 13 percent of Millennials, said they believe Christmas would be spoiled if one product was unavailable.

A small minority of Millennials said they would throw a tantrum or get into a fight if their product was unavailable.

But how far are shoppers willing to go to save some money?

LevaData found 40 percent of Americans are willing to give cash or gift certificates for post-holiday promotions. Americans are also willing to get creative and even a bit unethical when it comes to saving money for Christmas:

  • 25 percent of Americans are willing to celebrate Christmas twice for a good deal
  • 19 percent would celebrate Christmas late
  • 15 percent are willing to fake a shipping delay
  • 11 percent are willing to hide popular toy inside a store
  • 10 percent are willing to return opened gifts
  • Eight percent are willing to spend the holiday without loved ones

The study found three percent of Americans say they would lie to a child about what day Christmas in order to save money.

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