Hometown hero helps more than 5,000 stay physically fit for battle

Hometown hero helps more than 5,000 stay physically fit for battle

On board the U.S.S. Truman, there are many challenges. Some include keeping the crew of more than 5,000 physically fit for battle.

Only the strong survive life on the U.S.S. Harry Truman.

The long grueling hours and weeks at sea takes both a mental and physical toll on the crew.

When work is done on the flight deck, the hanger bay below transforms into a makeshift workout studio.

Squeezed in between fighter jets, the sailors work up a sweat for an intense hour packed with a mixture of cardie and weights. And of course the guy leading the pack is the fit boss.

"Keeping the ship fit, all the time," said Fred Clemons.

Clemmons is "Mr. Fitness." The professional bodybuilder served 22 years in the Navy. Ten years later, he's back in action.

"I just enjoy, not just giving the classes,but talking to people, and hearing testimonies," added Clemmons.

In addition to the fitness classes, the ship has seven gyms and a cardio equipment scattered around for sailors to use at anytime.

"About an hour a day, if I can afford it, will do a little more or a little less. Just depends on the schedule or what is going on," said Sailor  Joe James.

Sailors say the fitness outlet is key to keeping them grounded in such a demanding environment.

"For me it's refreshing. It's my therapy for the end of the day. Its awesome," explained James.

"If I can make sure they are mission ready in fitness, to take on any mission worldwide, I'm doing my job," said Clemmons.

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