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Toledo mayor-elect, county commissioner expect agreement on new jail site

Current Lucas County Jail (Source: WTOL) Current Lucas County Jail (Source: WTOL)
Proposed location of new Lucas County Jail on Dura Ave. (Source: WTOL) Proposed location of new Lucas County Jail on Dura Ave. (Source: WTOL)

We've been told how repeatedly that we desperately need a new Lucas County Jail, but nothing appeared on the ballot on Tuesday.

While it seems movement on the plan was halted, Tuesday's election may still have led to a breakthrough in the stalemate. 

"We have not stopped working on the plan or the process," said Pete Gerken, Lucas County Commissioner. "We're looking for a partner that may be a little more helpful."

Commissioner Gerken says he believes the new mayor-elect will help move the process along and it all starts with a potential site for the new jail.

With a new mayor-elect for the Glass City discussions on a new jail are happening again between the city and county government. 

"The public needs the city and the county to come together. That's been my goal," said Commissioner Gerken. "We were not able to get that done with the previous administration, I think we can with the new one."

Mayor-elect Wade Kapszukiewicz says he welcomes the discussion and believes they have common ground like the Dura Avenue location of the Toledo Police Impound lot. 

"I am open to it in a way that, if I understand it right, that our current mayor wasn't. So that is a potential area of common ground that we can build from," said Kapszukiewicz. 

Commissioners say they haven't stopped looking for a location.

They are looking ideally in the city of Toledo but not exclusively.

Commissioner Gerken says right now downtown doesn't offer what they need. 

"We should have a site quickly," said Commissioner Gerken. "But we are going to do our homework. We're not going to go back to what we did in the past. We'll get a site that has good input, that works for everybody and hope to announce that soon. In the meantime we are still doing all the planning and preparations to build a new jail."

Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz says there's no question we need a new jail and while the Toledo Police impound lot is a viable option, it's not a done deal. Still, he expects progress soon.

"Just given the conversations I've had, the respect and rapport that we have enjoyed over the years, I'd be very surprised if we couldn't work those issues out relatively quickly," said Kapszukiewicz. 

No official meeting is set between the mayor-elect and the Lucas County Commissioners, but both say they are open and willing to engage in the conversation soon.

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