Local veterans get inducted into 2017 Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame

Local veterans get inducted into 2017 Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame
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COLUMBUS, OH (WTOL) - Most of the men and women at this year's Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame didn't know each other before Wednesday but already had a unique bond.

"One percent of Americans serve in our military so the 20 folks tonight have something in common regardless of which branch of service they were in, they all served their country," said Chip Tansill, the Director of Ohio Department of Veteran Services

Not everyone who attended the special event were considered veterans just yet.

But, what one man from Grand Rapids, Ohio has done, has received the attention of the entire country.

Wednesday night, Ed Byers sat at a table filled with other veterans and their families, but, what hung around his neck set him apart.

Just eight months ago, Byers got the congressional Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama for a hostage rescue mission, saving an American Doctor in Afghanistan.

Byers declined being on camera for an interview since he is still active duty.

Another veteran from northwest Ohio was honored; Donn Rospert, from Bellevue.

"This morning when I got up and got in that car it really hit me where I was going and why I was being brought here," said Rospert.

Rospert is a Marine Corps Veteran who served in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive.

But, it's what he's done following his service, that has also helped him receive this honor.

He is a founding member of the Wounded Soldiers Fund, a founding member of the Fallen Soldiers memorial in Bellevue and the list goes on. He said it's all worth it to him.

"My love of country and the loss of some people in my life sort of directed me where I was going," Rospert explained.

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