Oregon's city administrator says Toledo is tough on mayors

Oregon's city administrator says Toledo is tough on mayors
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The last time Toledo re-elected an incumbent mayor was 25 years ago.

It turns out, Toledo is a tough city to please.

Mike Beazley, the Oregon city administrator, has been involved with local government for years and believes Toledo has struggled with having enough to fund the services it provides.

This problem isn't new and is one new Mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz, will have to tackle.

His win Tuesday night means a short honeymoon followed by working on his transition plan.

Beazely said Kapszukiewicz has experience with balancing a budget as the Lucas County Treasurer. But if there's not enough tax dollars coming in, the city will still be in the red.

Beazely adds that the declining population in the City of Toledo is part of the problem but said businesses moving downtown will help the city get out of the red.

He also so no matter, Toledoans are tough when it comes to Mayors delivering on promises of change.

"They always have to balance those priorities and balance and deal with those challenges. They are left with an inabiltity to make the math work causing them to strain their popularity. So, it's hard for incumbant mayors. It was a challenge for Paula Hicks Hudson, it was a challenge for each one of her predecessors and it will be a challenge for Wade Kapszukiewicz as well," said Beazely.

It didn't even take 24-hours before rumors of Mike Beazley possibly joining Kapszukiewicz at One Government Center as part of his transition team.

Beazley said the new mayor may be better off with someone younger than him.

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