Money Talks News: How smartphones ruin relationships

Money Talks News - Ever feel snubbed when your partner texts instead of listening to you? It's called phubbing, short for phone snubbing. Dr. James Roberts of Baylor University conducted a study a couple of years ago to discover its effects.

"What we found is that people who perceived they're being phubbed by their partner would argue and have more conflict over their smartphone use than others who receive less phubbing, and that would lead to, and here's the big kicker, is that it would lead to lower levels of relationship satisfaction," explained Dr. Roberts.

Some stats from the Baylor study said nearly half of survey respondents reported being phubbed by their partner. About a quarter said it caused a conflict and more than a third reported feelings of depression as a result.

If you've been phubbed, this probably comes as no surprise to you. And if you're the one who's doing the phubbing, hey, it's understandable. Smartphones are compelling. But these things can be a problem. So what's the solution?

"What I can suggest for your viewers to try, and again it's going to take some willpower, what I would suggest your viewers to do is try to set aside what we call smartphone free zone. That's time in the day where the smart phones are verbotten, where they're forbidden," said Dr. Roberts.

If you let the love of your smartphone get in the way of your actual love, one day you may be getting a text that your relationship is over.

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