Bowling Green City Schools facing failed levy

Bowling Green City Schools facing failed levy

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green City School leaders are recuperating after Tuesday's defeat of a six-mill levy for school buildings.

The next step for the school district is to figure out where to go from here.

Superintendent Francis Scruci says he conducted nearly 100 conversations within the past two months, just trying to get the word out.

"I felt like we did a good job getting the message out but, you know evidently we didn't do a good enough job". Scruci said.

The six-mill levy was rejected by a vote of 46 to 54 percent. The question remaining for the school district is, "now what?"

The levy would have called for $72 million to be put toward modernizing school buildings over a 37-year-period. Scruci said that would have been about a $210 increase in taxes per year, totaling about $16 a month.

Plans were in the works to renovate the high school and consolidate the three elementary schools into one. Those who voted in favor say there are benefits to having students under one roof.

"Financially especially,"Bowling Green resident Kurt Jump said. "I just felt that it was something that we need."

Charlotte Fretter also lives in Bowling Green and voted against the levy.

"It seems like it sucks more money out of all of our paychecks or people's social security checks," Fretter said..

School officials hope to start having formal conversations about where to head within the next week or two.

"Maybe that option is to come back on the ballot back in May, maybe it's to scrap the entire project," said Scruci.

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