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Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson working polls on Election Day 2017

(Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson) (Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson)

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson has campaigned for over 11 hours throughout Ohio's Election Day to talk to voters until the polls close. 

Her big campaign push is that Toledo is working.

She said she has a good feeling, say she is optimistically nervous. And since she's been talking to voters, Hicks-Hudson said she has received good reception.

She has not served a full term as mayor before and has only been in office for two and a half years. She took over office after Mayor Michael Collins passed away in February 2015.

Mayor Hicks-Hudson said she is working on fixing Toledo roads and getting a hold of the budget, but she needs more time to continue her momentum.

She plans to keep working the polls until the last voter comes in to cast their ballot.

After, she will make her way over to UAW located on Ashland Avenue. 

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