Wood Co. creates new program to fight opioid epidemic

Wood Co. creates new program to fight opioid epidemic

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Wood County sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn and prosecuting attorney Paul Dobson announced a new program that will be used to fight the opiate and drug epidemic that has taken hold of our area and country.

The program, called the Addiction Response Collaborative, includes the hiring of a Drug Addiction and Abuse Response Coordinator and the formation of a Quick Response Team.

"In mathematics, an arc is part of a circle, and we expect this program to become a major part of closing the circle of care around folks struggling with addition," said Dobson.

The prosecutor's office hired lifetime Wood County resident Belinda Brooks as the Drug Addiction and Abuse Response Coordinator, as she has been advocating for assistance for the drug epidemic in the county for years.

"She's really already been doing this job without a title or funding. We're just giving her the ability and room to focus on her work full-time," said Dobson.

Detective Ryan Richards has also been made part of ARC full-time. He has been working for the sheriff's office for five years.

"Ryan had already been working with Lucas County's DART team.The knowledge and contacts he walks in the door with are a real advantage," said Sheriff Wasylyshyn.

One of the main objectives of ARC is to develop the Quick Response Team. This team will respond to overdose incidents and other addiction-related incidents and calls.

Its goal is to encourage and offer assistance in obtaining treatment and counseling.

Anyone who is or knows someone suffering from addiction can contact ARC at 419-373-3900.

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