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First year of completely digital voting sets the stage for future elections

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Election Day is always exciting, but this year's mayoral election is extra special.

The Board of Elections said eight percent of registered voters have been to the polls as of noon, putting these numbers on target with the last election. 

However, the voters are casting their ballots in a different way this time around.

This is the first general election that is completely digital.

The county tested out the new tablets during the primary election and got a great response from voters and poll workers. 

The Board of Elections say this makes the voting process more secure and easier for everyone. 

Voters at Grace Lutheran Church are pleased with how quick and easy voting has been. 

"Especially the elderly. They don't like the whole computer process, but it's very self-explanatory. They always have people if you have any questions, you can ask them. It's very easy," said Marisol Ibarra, a 17-year Toledo resident.

The Board of Elections used to release turnout numbers three times through Election Day. Now, the numbers come in from the tablets almost instantaneously. 

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