West Toledo neighbors speak out against potential marijuana dispensary

West Toledo neighbors speak out against potential marijuana dispensary

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Neighbors fired tough questions at the group working to bring in a medical marijuana dispensary to west Toledo Monday night.

A variety of questions concerning armed security, children, crime, location and especially safety, were asked by neighbors.

During the presentation, Glass City Alternatives LLC  presented their plans for a medical marijuana dispensary.

They currently have applied for their state license and locally for a special use permit to create a shop at the former animal hospital on west Sylvania avenue.

They declined an on-camera interview with WTOL but neighbors were outspoken.

"You're real estate expert hasn't addressed how this is going to impact values of the home," said a neighbor in the crowd.

"You're not going to be out in the neighborhood with your security either so then kid out in the neighborhood are in trouble. I got a son in a wheelchair I am worried," said Virginia Cook, another neighbor.

Glass City Alternatives LLC  explained they will maintain a clean and safe business, not a lab-grown operation or even a smokable product.

They will operate from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with top of the line security and hope to enhance the neighborhood.

Neighbors however say they will fight this location.

"It's not an objection to medical marijuana because there is a legitimate use for it, it's just the wrong place for it," said  Ron Scanlon, a neighbor and retired TPD Officer.

The proposal will go to the plan commission on December 7 and from there to city council where they can decide what could be the first dispensary in Ohio.

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