A breakdown of Toledo's City Council Race

A breakdown of Toledo's City Council Race

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's City Council race is for at-large-seats on council. That means only half of the spots on council are up for grabs.

Voters can choose six of the 12 candidates in this race Tuesday. Only one candidate was eliminated in the primary. There are five are incumbents, the other seven are looking to steal a seat.

Sandy Spang won the primary, with almost 1,500 more votes than anyone else. Rob Ludeman, Larry Sykes and Dr. Cecelia Adams, all incumbents, finished in that order behind Spang. Harvey Savage Jr. received the top vote of those currently without a seat on council. He runs the Martin Luther King Jr. Kitchen for the poor. Sam Melden is the newcomer who took a unique approach to campaigning Monday.

Melden literally ran for city council and jogged about eight miles throughout Toledo neighborhoods.

"Most people think I am just out for a jog, and then I run up and they also don't think I am the candidate which is really funny," said Melden.

A candidate with a unique situation in this race is Democrat Kurt Young. He's considered an incumbent, but has only been on council since April. 
He was appointed by city council, filling Theresa Gabriel's seat.

"I've never been on the ballot as the candidate before so I am excited to have a chance to, the general election, we start over and it sounds like it is going to be a good day," said Young.

WTOL 11 was able to speak to a few other candidates running for council over the phone. They said that they just want voters heading to the polls to be informed.

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