Voter's guide to Election Day

Voter's guide to Election Day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Polling locations are ready to go after another poll worker training Monday.

They also had the workers do a test run of the county's new electronic poll books to streamline voter check-in.

"Even in the September election there was definitely a quicker turnover in reference to taking care of the next voter," said LaVera Scott, Director of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

She said this is the first general election where electronic poll books will be used county-wide, instead of paper.

Here's a breakdown of some of the big issues on the ballot:

  • Issue 8 -  a renewal of a tax levy for Oregon City Schools. It will rehabilitate, and improve, existing school buildings for five years.
  • Issue 9 -  a renewal of the current tax levy for five years for the Toledo City School District. The levy will help pay for things like building maintenance, teacher salaries and getting more students access to school bus transportation. TPS will have three more opportunities to get the levy in front of voters if it does not pass on election day. If it still doesn't pass, there would be cuts to the district's operating budget.
  • State Issue 1 - Otherwise known as Marsy's Law. This give victims more information on their offender, notifies them on case proceedings and lets them give input on plea deals. The bill is named for a woman who was killed in California when her offender was released on bail without her or her family's knowledge. Opponents say the protections the bill would offer are expensive and would allow victims to intervene with the criminal justice process.

And of course there is the race for Toledo Mayor.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson is running on her track record of protecting Drinking water, repairing city streets and improving housing.

Wade Kapszukiewicz said he is the candidate of change. He has said he wants to modernize Toledo, to attract leaders and entrepreneurs.

He also said he wants to consolidate portions of city government to free up money for streets, parks and infrastructure.

If he loses, he still has four years left on his term as Lucas County Treasurer.

View a sample ballot here and be ready to go on election day. Click the "where do I vote?" tab and find your polling location.

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